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Our Kings

We choose our pixiebob kings for their muscular and big boned confirmation.  Just like dogs, they love to go on walks with us! All of our Kings get yearly blood panels and health checks from our vet.

Long Hair Papas



  • ​DOB 3/27/2019

  • Polydactyl

  • bob tail

Hawkeye is a big muscular boy who is super sweet.  He loves to be groomed and given lots of attention. He resides in WA.



  • DOB 8/14/2018

  • Straight Toed

  • 3/4 length tail with a curl
    Rainier is a complete goofball and loves to cause mischief and we love him for it! He resides in WA.

Short Hair Papas



  • ​DOB 10/27/2017

  • Polydactyl

  • bob tail

Storm is award winning pixiebob! He is a champion cat with a strong build. He loves to be walked on his leash and is popular with the ladies. He resides in WA.



  • ​DOB 4/5/2022

  • Polydactyl

  • bob tail

Geralt of Colorado Pixies is a sweetheart with the most piercing gold eyes. He has a muscular build and sweet personality. He resides in AR.

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