We have two litters available from Kaperkats Misty May and Evergreen Dakota Moon born 8/17/19 and Kaperkats Cinder and Pixiedust Lynxie born 8/16/19.

Red (Cinder & Lynxie)

Short hair, female, 3 in tail, poly in front. Personality: This girl is Cinder’s “mini me” in looks and personality. She is your go anywhere, do anything kitten.  She will entertain you for days as well as be your best friend!

Price: $1,900

Purple (Cinder & Lynxie)


Long hair, female, 2 in tail, poly in front. Personality: The runt of the litter that we handfed since she was born, so she always wants to be held.  She has a calm personality and when you scratch her neck, she crumples into a ball of purrs. She will be a perfect companion for kids.

Price: $1,700

Gray (Misty May & Dakota Moon)


Short hair, male, 1 in tail, straight toed.  Personality: This kitten has an exotic spotted coat with nice lynx tipped ears.  He is very attentive to his humans and has a sweet natured personality.

Price: $2,000

Blue (Misty May & Dakota Moon)


Short hair, male, 4 in tail, poly front.  Personality: Adventure kitty! He loves his belly rubbed and purrs when held.  His lynx tipped ears are spectacular. He’s going to be a big boy! 


Pinky Pie (Cinder & Linxie)


Short hair, female, ½ in tail, all 4 poly.  Personality: This sweet girl looks exactly like a bobcat.  She is fierce looking but sweet natured. She loves to sit in your lap and be held.  She’s easy going and adaptable. She’s a favorite with everyone who meets her.

Price: $2,100

Baby Blue (Cinder & Linxie)


Short hair, male,  4 in tail, incredible show quality coat, straight toed.  Personality: This boy is double the size of his litter mates, we can’t say enough about his sweet personality and stunning looks. He’s very brave and loves being around people.


Kaperkats Tora

 Tora is looking for her forever home.  Born 2/13/14 Tora is a short hair female who still acts like a kitten. She is leash trained and loves attention. She would make a great companion to any family dynamic.  Contact us if you think she would make a great fit to your family.










What is the advantage of getting on our waiting list?

Getting on our waiting list gives you the pick of the litter! You are guaranteed your exact choice of kitten as we keep you updated on available litters once you are at the top of the list.

How do I get on the Waiting List?

1. Fill out an application  


2. Make a $200 non refundable deposit to reserve your place on the waiting list.  

     The following payment methods are accepted for deposits: 

            Venmo: (@cascadekaperkats) Venmo is easy to set up and is the quickest way to get your                  deposit to us!

            PayPal: (info@cascadekaperkats.com) select "Pay for Goods or Services" & ADD 3% to your                transaction.

How long will I have to wait?


Your wait entirely depends on your flexibility to criteria such as gender, coloring, and type of cat.  For example, if you wish to select a longhair, polydactyl, male, with distinct markings and a short bobcat tail, your wait will be longer than the family open to any kitten from Cascade Kaperkats.

Kittens will be available to start choosing from after 8 weeks of age. If we don't have the perfect kitten for you then your deposit will transfer to our next available litter.

Find out more about pricing HERE

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