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"My husband and I got our Pixiebob from Cascadekaperkats almost a year ago. I did research on the breed and this particular breeder for over a year before we finally got our little girl! We couldn’t be happier with the whole process, they were so friendly and patient and we’re more then happy to answer all of my questions! We love Cascadekaperkats so much that we definitely plan on getting another cat from them in the future. I would highly recommend these lady’s, they know what they are doing and they take a lot of pride in all of their cats."



"Are you feeling lonely during this pandemic? Are the restrictions that are being imposed on us because of the lockdowns putting a damper in your life? Well, dread no more! Pixie-bob is the cat for you! I found myself in need of a cuddle a lot before my pixie-bob, Michi, came into my life, now my cuddle love tank is always overflowing. These cats literally want to be around you 24/7, whether it’s while watching a show, going for a walk, or making shortcakes, these cats will be there with you. I don’t even care that i’m allergic to cats. Waking up to a pound of snot and dozens of sneezes is worth every bit. Do yourself a favor and snatch up a Pixie-bob from Cascadekaperkats!"


Douglas Furr

"I just can't get over how funny Doug is. He is always trying to get me to laugh. He ran down the hall for me to chase him. I came around the corner with him up here lookin cheezy. He is such a gem!"

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Lord Tyrion

"We picked up our Pixiebob Lord Tyrion in August. He was my birthday present. I chose Necia and Trish for my baby because I met them through cat shows where I was showing the Savannah cats from my cattery. Let me just say that when we Picked him up he was the most loving sweetheart cat that we have ever brought home. He has an amazing personality and gets along with my other cats and my dog. We show Lord Tyrion and Necia and Trish were so excited for him because they were also at the show where we showed him and he received three finals! They were loving up on him there as well. I love these girls and would definitely purchase another from them if I didn’t already have a bunch of cats."


Little Gray Bear &
Buckaroo Blue

"We can not get over how well Little Gray Bear and Buckaroo Blue have acclimated to their new home.  Necia and Trish rock! We will definitely spread the word that you ladies have the best cattery in Washington"

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"Hello Necia,

We can not thank you enough for such a lovely, smart kittens. They love the home and have adapted well to the big dog, their favourite place to run is the upper roof deck we have in the house. They love to sleep close to us and they go under the blanket. They respond so well to their names and follow us everywhere. 

They are more obedient than my dog.

Thank you for being such an excellent responsible breeder and always being there if we have any questions."

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