I found Cascade KaperKats last December (2017)  when I was searching for a sweet little pixiebob kitten.    Kiki our kitty of 15 years was a pixiebob who we found at a no-kill shelter, Meow.  She had such a loving presence about her, we wanted to make sure to have another pixiebob.    I found several web-sites and decided to reach out to KaperCats via their web-site and Kay called me back.  We spent a good hour on the phone  talking and sharing about pixbobs.


Kay shared the next steps of the process, and we were anxiously awaiting.    I stayed in contact with Kay every month, just to touch base.  Kay was kind and shared where we were on the waiting list. April rolled in and I learned our new fur baby would be ready to come home.  Necia and Trisha reached out to introduce themselves and let me know our little one was ready.  .  Isabelle is her name.  We call her izzy at times as she is ball full of energy.  A true delight.  A precious, loving spirit.  She is a long hair pixiebob as I specifically asked for long hair.  Her cute paws are like mittens, so she is polydactyl.   Isabelle was fully trained, as she went directly to the litter box.   Necia and Trisha have been AMAZING to work with.  I reached out several times before and after the adoption to ask questions.  So, so helpful.  We are grateful  for our new little fur baby, Isabelle and Cascade Kaperkats.  Thank you!  Debbie from Washington


Thank you to Cascade Kaperkats for providing the perfect PixieBob addition to our family. Our short tail - long hair - poly boy is such a joy.  When researching for a kitten we did a lot of research, preferring a local breeder, we actually ended up traveling 5 hours because of our confidence in Cascade Kaperkats.  We were pleased to find out that our kitten was a continuation of the highly regarded Kaperkats line and recommended by them too.  From the start Necia and her sister have been wonderful.  Providing us with a few options for kittens, sending us regular updates once we chose our boy, and then driving hours to hand deliver our kitten.  The dedication and love for the kittens is evident and shows in the health of our cat.   The advice and guidance in raising our boy has been valuable, even for experienced pet owners.  Our cat loves to fetch, loves affection and is best friends with our 5 yr old French bulldog.  If you are considering a PixieBob we highly recommend Cascade Kaperkats.    


The Gardner family

Southern California


Cascade Kaperkats is an excellent company to work with. They are very friendly and were able to answer every question that I had. It was such a fast and smooth process once my kitten was ready. My baby kitty, Leo, is just as described, with a very sweet temperament. I'm so glad that I got my cat through them, they have the best-looking pixie-bobs out there!!!! -Wendy

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