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Loyalty at it's Fiercest!

pixiebob kitten

Pixiebob Cat Breeders

located in Washington

and Arkansas

Find your Purrfect Companion!

We strive to breed for not only great looks which meet the pixiebob standard, but for health and longevity. Our pixiebobs are from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines and the original pixiebob foundation stock. To find out more about our breeding practices click HERE

Pixiebob Cats & Kittens Available Here

Did you know there are only 40 established Pixiebob breeders in the world? Are you interested in becoming a pixiebob breeder? We are now offering a mentorship program. Contact us for more information.

Fill Out an Application
and get on our waitlist

What is the advantage of getting on our waiting list?

Getting on our waiting list gives you the pick of the litter! You are guaranteed your exact choice of kitten as we keep you updated on available litters once you are at the top of the list. We have litters available in both Washington and in Arkansas.  People on our waitlist have the option of choosing from either place. If you require shipping expect an additional $500-$600 in shipping costs.

How do I get on the Waiting List?

1. Fill out an application  


2. Make a $400 non refundable deposit to reserve your place on the waiting list. This deposit will go toward the final sale of your kitten and does not expire. You can even transfer it to a friend or family member!

     The following payment methods are accepted for deposits: 

            Venmo: (@cascade-kaperkats) Venmo is easy to set up and is the quickest way to get your deposit to us!

            PayPal: ( select "Pay for Goods or Services" & ADD 3% to your transaction.

How long will I have to wait?


Your wait entirely depends on your flexibility to criteria such as gender, coloring, and type of cat.  For example, if you wish to select a longhair, polydactyl, male, with distinct markings and a short bobcat tail, your wait will be longer than the family open to any kitten from Cascade Kaperkats.

Kittens will be available to start choosing from after 8 weeks of age. At 8 weeks they receive their first set of vaccines and we will start the reservation process. We will send individual photos and videos along with the price of the kittens to the people at the top of the waitlist. After reviewing the kittens, you would be able to meet that kitten during a scheduled Zoom call if you choose. If the kitten is what you are looking for, we will execute a contract and send you an invoice for 50% of the purchase price as a deposit. At that time, the kitten is yours.

All of our kittens are spayed or neutered before going to their new homes. They receive their surgeries around 10 to 12 weeks of age depending on their weight. Our vet spays and neuters once the kittens weigh over 2-3 lbs. They are ready to go to their new homes shortly after their surgeries.

If you are within driving distance, you can pick up your kitten directly from our home when it is ready to leave. If you are out of state, you can opt for picking it up in person from our home, or we can arrange for shipping with either Alaska Airlines, Delta, or American.

If we don't have the perfect kitten for you then your deposit will transfer to our next available litter.

Find out more about pricing HERE

Check Our Waitlist Here

Or you can make a deposit on our website.

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We sometimes have situations where a family on our deposit list may forgo on a kitten in a litter. In these scenarios a kitten may be available to the general public.

*We will only email you if a kitten becomes available, people on our deposit list have first priority

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