Meet The Cascade Kaperkats Family

We believe that cats should have individual attention and love.  We go to great lengths to not only produce healthy and beautiful kittens but socialize them and shower them with individual attention from the time they are born.  Follow us on Instagram and fall in love with the pixiebob breed.  Contact us to find out when our next litter will be.  Once you purchase a kitten from us you will become a part of our pixiebob family!

Neesha & Trish

We are two sisters who believe in following our dreams. When we discovered the Pixiebob breed we instantly fell in love and started Cascade Pixiebobs in 2016 with our first Pixiebob Kaperkats Ember. We loved it so much that we purchased Kaperkats from Kay Doyle in December 2017.   These cats have changed our lives and we highly encourage you to open your hearts to this majestic breed.



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Conway, Washington


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