Meet The Cascade Kaperkats Family

We believe that cats should have individual attention and love.  We go to great lengths to not only produce healthy and beautiful kittens but socialize them and shower them with individual attention from the time they are born.  Follow us on Instagram and fall in love with the pixiebob breed.  Contact us to find out when our next litter will be.  Once you purchase a kitten from us you will become a part of our pixiebob family!

Trish & Necia

Two sisters who love animals and work well together. Trish is married to her husband, Phil and has a daughter Kaylee who helps raise the kittens in Stanwood WA.  Her and Phil work as siders in the construction business and commercial fish in Alaska for salmon together. She loves horses and helping others realize their dreams.  Necia is married to her husband, James and they live in Arkansas.  Necia also commercial fishes in Alaska and is a prolific artist, she has loved cats since she was a little girl and having kittens in her life all the time is a dream come true.  Trisha and Necia couldn't do what they do without each other! Trisha and Necia share the kings and queens and take turns raising the kittens.  Either way, they are looked after with a lot of attention and love.