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Trish & Necia

Trish and Necia started breeding pixiebobs in 2016 in Washington state. They purchased Kaperkats from Kay Doyle in 2017. In 2021 Necia and her husband moved from Washington State to Arkansas.

Trisha has up to 4 litters that she raises a year in Washington State and Necia has up to 4 litters in Arkansas.  If you get on our waitlist you will get a choice of kittens from both places.

Trish is married to her husband, Phil and has a daughter who helps raise the kittens in Stanwood WA.  Her and Phil work as siders in the construction business and commercial fish in Alaska for salmon together in the summer. She loves horses and working on her hobby farm. 

Necia and her husband, James live in Arkansas.  Since moving to Arkansas she has become a crystal digging enthusiast, you can follow her crystal digging adventures at Arkansas Crystal Girls on social media.  Necia has loved cats since she was a little girl and having kittens in her life all the time is a dream come true. 

Trisha and Necia couldn't do what they do without each other!


Our Breeding Practices

We believe that cats should have individual attention and love.  We go to great lengths to not only produce healthy and beautiful kittens but socialize them and shower them with individual attention from the time they are born.  

CascadeKaperkats is TICA registered and all kittens will come with a TICA breeder slip to register your kitten.

We feed our pixiebobs with high quality and high protein food 

            -Nulo cat and kitten dry food

            -Tikki wet food

At 8 weeks old each kitten gets a FVRCP (distemper) vaccine

At 10-14 weeks (depending on weight) they get spayed and neutered and their 2nd FVRCP vaccine as well as a dewormer.

Each of our queens and kings get blood tested every year for general health and diseases.

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