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The below copy of our purchase agreement is for review purposes only. Please do not copy/download and fill out. We execute all our purchase agreements electronically via DocuSign.

Purchase Agreement

Date of Sale:
Cat's Date of Birth: Sex:
Cat's Name: TICA Registration #:
Color and Description:
This Agreement between (Buyer) and Trisha Cook and Necia Nash of Cascade Kaperkats (Seller) is effective as of the date of the last signature to appear below and is binding upon all parties thereto. Buyer(s) agree(s) to buy and Seller agrees to sell the above described cats/kittens pursuant to all of the following terms:

Purchase Price______________
Shipping Charges_________________________________________________


If applicable will include one (1) veterinarian issued health certificate, USDA approved carrier,
and air fare. Shipping charges must be paid one week prior to shipping


1.Cascade Kaperkats LLC (“Seller”) guarantees the health of kitten/cat upon time of shipment/ delivery/pick up for a period of one (1) month from the time of shipment/pick up of kitten/cat from Seller.

2. A kitten/cat’s record of vaccinations, dewormings and/or surgical procedures are available upon request. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to call the Seller’s veterinarian prior to the vet check to transfer the cat/kitten veterinary records. In case of shipment, the kitten/cat will also come with a Veterinarian’s health certificate.

3. Kitten/cat is NOT guaranteed against accidental death or injury, including mishaps occurring during shipping and/or after the time of delivery/shipping. Kitten/cat is also not guaranteed against temporary adverse responses to changes in their diet or the stress of entering a new
home or contracting illnesses through exposure to existing animals at their new homes.

4. The buyer agrees to have the kitten/cat examined by their own veterinarian (at Buyer’s expense) to confirm that it is in good health, and to be tested for FeLV/FIV within two weeks of its arrival. A copy of the vet report needs to be sent directly to the Seller. Failure to provide said vet
report within one (1) week after the exam will void this warranty in its entirety. If the kitten/cat is found to have any medical problem within the two-week period, it must be reported to the Seller no later than twenty-four (24) hours after expiration of above referenced guarantee period.
Failure to make this report within this time frame will void this warranty in its entirety.

5. The kitten is guaranteed up to five years against Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) as well as
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).
(Buyer’s Initials)_______



1. There shall be no refunds of purchase price, shipping charges or other costs. There shall be no replacement of kitten/cat unless under the Health Guarantee as stated under Paragraph A.
(Buyer’s Initials)_______

2. If the kitten/cat is found to be in unsound health by a licensed veterinarian within one month, the kitten/cat shall be returned to Seller within two (2) weeks of diagnosis at Seller’s expense. Failure to return the kitten within the time frame stated above will constitute unconditional acceptance of the health of said kitten/cat and constitutes forfeiture of replacement.

3. A medical report signed by the examining veterinarian must be provided to the Seller prior to a replacement being made. “Unsound health” shall be defined as any condition that is “life threatening” or “incurable” seriously impairing its health or its biological functions. It shall
not include minor imperfections or conditions, unknown at the time of sale, which do not seriously impair its health or its biological functions.

4. Seller guarantees that the kitten will arrive negative for FeLV/FIV. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to have the kitten tested within two weeks of arrival.

5. In the event said kitten/cat dies from a genetic condition (HCM, PKD or FIP) at any time during its natural life span, said kitten/cat will be replaced only if the following is complied with and provided to the Seller: a) necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian or accredited
veterinarian college, such as WSU (Western States University). b) proof of cause of death certificate and a veterinarian’s necropsy report.
(Buyer’s Initials)_______

If the Buyer's veterinarian discovers a minor imperfection or condition, unknown at the time of purchase and not detectable during the initial exam, that does not seriously impair its health or its biological functions, no replacement will be given.

6. When a replacement kitten or cat is granted, the Buyer agrees that they may have to wait approximately a year to obtain a replacement kitten.

7. Buyer acknowledges that a replacement may not be of the same gender, coat length, tail length or feet configuration as the original kitten. It will be of the same value.

8. Buyer acknowledges that specific requests such as same gender, same coat length, same tail length, same foot configuration as the original kitten/cat may result in a waiting period of more than one year for a replacement.

9. Buyer acknowledges that refusal to take a suitable replacement of equal value will result in forfeiture of replacement unless agreed to by the Seller in writing.

10. The Seller will not replace any cat or kitten that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new owner. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care (at the Buyer’s own expense) to any kitten/cat showing signs of illness or distress and failure to
do so will render any guarantee null and void.

11. Seller reserves the right to offer monetary compensation in lieu of a replacement kitten but is in no way obligated to do so.
No kitten or cat is to be euthanized without the written consent of the breeder, except in a case where a veterinarian certifies it the only humane alternative or this guarantee is void.
(Buyer’s Initials)__________



1. Buyer assumes responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the kitten/cat after said kitten/cat leaves the possession of the Seller, as well as any expense incurred at the request of the Buyer before the kitten/cat leaves possession of the Seller. The breeder assumes no liability
for any veterinary costs or other expenses incurred by the owner, even in the case of detecting a defect or disease unknown at the time of sale. The Buyer acknowledges that the breeder's liability can never exceed what is expressly guaranteed in this agreement.

2. A breeder slip (registration paper) will be provided to the Buyer for each kitten. Buyer has the option to register the kitten with TICA – The International Cat Association Adult cats will already be registered with TICA and Buyer will receive official Certificate of Registration.


1. A ‘Holding fee’ is placed to hold a particular kitten for a buyer. If a kitten/cat is held specifically for a buyer, a change of mind can quite often jeopardize the chance for that particular kitten to be placed in a home while still at a desirable age; therefore, all holding fees are non-
refundable regardless of circumstance unless the Seller retracts from this purchase agreement. The required ‘Holding fee’ is 50% of the purchase price of the kitten if the kitten is under twelve (12) weeks of age. Remaining payment to “Payment in Full” is required by the day following
spay or neuter, usually around 12-14 weeks of age. ‘Payment in Full’ in the amount of the purchase price shall be paid if a kitten is 12 weeks or older at the time of sale. When the sale of the kitten/cat is consummated, the holding fee shall be applied towards the balance owing on the
purchase price. In the event the buyer decides not to take possession of said cat/kitten, any monies paid towards the purchase price will be deemed non-refundable.


1. Cat has had the required FVCRP vaccination series, excluding FIP, FIV and FELV vaccine.

2. If you choose to vaccinate for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), we recommend you discuss this with your own veterinarian and consider the risks. We do not vaccinate with FELV. However, if there are special circumstances in your household, i.e. an indoor/outdoor cat that may expose your animal to the disease, vaccinating for FELV (Feline Leukemia vaccine) may be done if your veterinarian recommends it. Some breeders and veterinarians do not consider FELV, FIV and/or FIP vaccines safe vaccines.

3. IF FIP or FIV VACCINE IS GIVEN TO THE CAT/KITTEN AT ANY TIME, THE ENTIRE HEALTH GUARANTEE BECOMES NULL AND VOID. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, vaccinated, parasite-free kittens. Said kitten/cat leaves our Cattery, to the best of our knowledge, in healthy condition.




1. The buyer agrees to provide good and reasonable care for their pet. In the case of abuse or neglect the buyer will relinquish the kitten/cat to the breeder unconditionally. Good and reasonable care includes food and water, shelter (including adequate space), regular vaccinations and annual examinations by a Veterinarian. It also includes prompt illness and accident-related medical care, and provisions for exercise as well as human attention and affection.

2. Buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will be kept indoors and not allowed outside. The buyer agrees that allowing their cat to have free-range outdoors constitutes a health and/or accident risk due to potential exposure to pesticides and other toxins, animal (or people) attacks, theft and
traffic. The buyer therefore agrees that their companion pet will not be allowed outside except when it is in a carrier, or when it is in a secured escape proof play enclosure.

3. The Buyer agrees that the cat will not be declawed (Buyer’s Initials)_________

4. If the Buyer should ever become unable to care for this pet for any reason, or if the Buyer considers relinquishing their ownership of this pet, they are required to return it to the breeder at breeder’s expense, no exceptions.



1. Each kitten/cat will differ in the time needed to bond with its new family. Please give the kitten/cat ample time to adjust, especially if the kitten/cat has been shipped. A period of one to three months should be the very least amount of time allowed the cat/kitten for an adjustment
Buyer’s Initials________


1. Seller reserves the right to use photos already in the Seller’s possession of any and all cats or kittens that are sold to the Buyer/s in any and all advertising including Internet web-site advertising in the promotion of Seller’s Cattery. Buyer agrees to allow the Seller the right to use his or her kitten/cat’s photograph or name in future or existing advertising.


1. If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees that the place of venue for such action shall be Snohomish County, Washington and or Saline County, Arkansas. Buyer assents to personal jurisdiction within such venue regardless of their place of residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within the jurisdiction that they reside in as if obtained within that


1. The use of the terms “kitten/cat” presents the same as the plural cats/kittens, in the case of more than one kitten/cat being purchased under this written agreement.


1. Buyer agrees not to discuss and/or share any details, including, but not limited to pricing, contract language, pedigree information, terms and conditions, etc. of this agreement with any 3rd party with the exception of legal counsel hired by Buyer.

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